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Fast long range jet with a comfortable cabin

Overview Summary

The Gulfstream 400 (also known as the G-IV Gulfstream GIV or GIV) were based on the popular Gulfstream III aircraft.
The wings were re-designed to increase aeordynamics, and fuselage stretched to increase flight range. The Gulfstream 400 can fly up to 3800 nautical miles, at a cruise speed of Mach 0.8. It can handle domestic jaunts and transcontinental flights with equal ease.


  • 6-8 seat configuration
  • Built-in washroom
  • Fully equipped hot and cold food / drink area
  • Fast cruise speed

Comfort & Size

Gulfstream cabins are world renowned for sophistication, comfort and productivity. This aircraft is no different, the cabin offers fully reclining chairs or divans, forward or rear lavatory, fully sized galley, large in flight accessible baggage compartment.


Число мест12
Вместимость багажного отсека169 cu.ft.
МодельGulfstream G400
Скорость488 kts
Высота салона1.86 m
Purchase Price$0
КлассификацияLong Range Jet
Дальность4350 nm
Ширина салона2.23 m



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