Charter a CASA CN-235 - Private Jet Charter

The utility transport and regional airliner

Overview Summary

Casa’s CN-235 has been designed as a utility transport and regional airliner, with the ability to operate in and out of small remote airstrips. First taking to the skies in November 1983, the Casa CN-235 entered commercial operators in March 1988 and has been a huge success in the military and cargo transport markets.


  • 45 seat capacity
  • Flexible cabin layout
  • Short take-off and landing capabilities
  • Economic performance

Comfort & Size

Fitted with an impressive ‘quick-change’ interior, the Casa CN-235 can go from being a dedicated freighter carrying a payload of cargo to transporting passengers as a regional airliner. With a spacious interior and rear loading ramp, the Spanish-built Casa CN-235 is widely popular with cargo and utility transport operators.


Число мест44
Вместимость багажного отсекаN/A
МодельCASA CN-235
Скорость240 kts
Высота салона1.9 m
Purchase Price$0
КлассификацияRegional Airliner
Дальность860 nm
Ширина салона2.7 m



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