Charter a De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter - Private Jet Charter

The aircraft can also be fitted with floats to allow succesful operation from water.

Overview Summary

The de Havilland Twin Otter is a highly manoeuvrable, it is a high wing, twin engine, turbo prop aircraft capable of carrying up to 20 passengers. In addition, the Twin Otter has been popular with commercial skydiving operations. It has a wing span of 65 ft, a length of 51 ft 9 in, and a maximum take-off weight of 12,500 lbs.


  • Up to 20 seat configuration
  • Short runway takeoff and landing

Comfort & Size

The passenger cabin has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers.
A Reasonable amount of cabin baggage can be stored internally as well as a large exterior hold on the aircraft. Small amounts of catering can be put on board the aircraft.


ПроизводительDe Havilland Canada
Число мест20
Вместимость багажного отсека321 cu.ft.
МодельDe Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
Скорость210 kts
Высота салона2.47 m
Purchase Price$3 500 000
КлассификацияRegional Airliner
Дальность700 nm
Ширина салона1.95 m