Charter a Dornier 228 - Private Jet Charter

Overview Summary

The Dornier 228 (Do228) holds an exceptional reputation for reliability, versatility, economy and ruggedness. Its performance makes it ideal not only for carrying passengers, but also for cargo.


  • 19 seat configuration
  • Lavatory
  • Short field take off

Comfort & Size

Its rectangular-shaped cabin provides additional head & shoulder space giving maximum passenger comfort. Its large 4'2" x 4'5" cargo door can engulf up to 5 (4-foot) pallet-loads into its spaciously long cabin that can hold up to 4100 pounds of payload.


Число мест19
Вместимость багажного отсекаN/A
МодельDornier 228
Скорость245 kts
Высота салона1.34 m
Purchase Price$7 000 000
КлассификацияRegional Airliner
Дальность560 nm
Ширина салона1.55 m



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